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After All (2017)

Rock with hints of pop and folk and a 90s vibe.

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Karen Penton


Started singing in a rock cover band in 2003. My first band was Junkmale - we played for about 9 years. My current band is called Pretty Tragic, we formed in 2012. My husband, who is also our lead guitar player, taught me how to play acoustic, and we've been performing as an acoustic duo for about the past 5 years. We've been wanting to write our own music for a while, so I took on the challenge to do just that! The songs are basically a demo recorded by the two of us that our band will begin to record in the very near future!

Karen Penton - vocals & acoustic; Mike Penton - electric guitar and some backup vocals; Andy Adams - drums; Matt Gaudet - base


Singer/Songwriter Rock

Completed Albums

After All(2017)

Rock with hints of pop and folk and a 90s vibe.

No tracks have been uploaded for this album yet.